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APIs (Application programming interfaces) have been around for decades. “They allow different systems to talk to each other in a seamless, fast fashion,” said Gary Hoberman, who is the CEO of Unqork.

Yet it’s been during the past decade that this technology has become a major force. For example, in early 2019 shelled out $6.5 billion for MuleSoft, a management system for APIs. Then there was another notable deal that actually was announced this week: Visa agreed to pay $5.3 billion for Plaid (here’s my post about the acquisition in

So then why…

Web 3.0 wave and the development status of dApp

Web 3.0 is a recent concept frequently mentioned in the blockchain industry. Simply put, Web 3.0 means the development of the Internet into a user-centric network of trust based on blockchain technology.

If we do a summary of the evolutionary process of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, the following chart may be a better elaboration.

Web 1.0 Generation

To achieve content presentation and connection, but most of the functions are static and read-only, in the Web 1.0 system common applications are mainly Yahoo and other portals and Email mailboxes.

Web 2.0 Generation

Web 2.0 mainly realized an interaction between users and the Web — a…

Key Takeaways

  • Generally, an API marketplace comprises several components. In a typical scenario, producers first publish APIs, and these are then catalogued and displayed via an API developer portal.
  • The API management system provides the anchor for any API marketplace and enables it to function effectively, but successfully implementing a marketplace requires taking a more advanced approach to implementing some aspects of the API management system, most notably the API developer portal and analytics.
  • The first element is the implementation of an effective API developer portal. In an API marketplace, the developer portal has to provide an intuitive experience to support the…

The essence of Web 3.0:

The essence of Web3.0 is to realize users’ self-control over personal data, identity, assets and other values, and the ultimate goal is to realize the value interconnection of the entire world.

There are two main points:

One is the autonomy of individuals (actually including things, things, etc.) over self-worth and rights;

The other is for these individuals or things with autonomy. The value of things is worldwide, and there is no need for trust (that is, peer-to-peer) interconnection and circulation.

The first point of the above two points is the basis of the latter point. Only when all things representing…

API ecosystem

An API ecosystem begins to evolve when APIs work toward digital transformation. At the very origins of any digital transformation, you must have an API road map in place to move forward for a sound strategy. With so many APIs enabling companies to take their products to the next level, APIs grow with each other to produce positive results for everyone. This brings together a fluid API ecosystem that works concurrently to bring about digital transformation.

API ecosystem

When an ecosystem begins to develop, APIs bring new value to your company by driving innovation in many ways. Since APIs are…


The API Protocol aims to make Web3.0 APIs easier to find, access, and use.

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